Things to Avoid on a Self Guided Uganda Trip

Self Drive Safari in Uganda

Driving a motor vehicle is one dangerous business you must consider before you go on a self drive in Uganda let it be a business trip or a leisurely adventure. According to Uganda traffic police report, highway accidents have remarkably decreased in the past 5 years due to road maintenance and traffic personnel on the highways. A better road network in place as well though traffic accidents usually rank in the top ten causes of death annually.

Many people involved in traffic accidents are likely to say, “It wasn’t me, it was the other party as the same “other” party says the same and then the question is who is fooling who? No party usually takes the responsibility for the accident cause.

So do you want to have that successful self drive adventure? Let Auto Rental Uganda advice on the best possible ways, a few things not to do if you want to keep from becoming the cause of an accident, Yes everyone can make a mistake but there are some good driving behaviours to note if you actually need that spectacular self drive adventure with your car rental vehicle.

Driving under the influence of alcohol.

Alcohol is one of the most causes of car accidents as per the Uganda traffic accident report released last year. It is positively noted that alcohol impairs your ability to drive and more importantly to react to some emergencies. If you decide to drink during your self drive adventure, always avoid the car, park it or keep the car keys in a safe place before you loose your senses to alcohol. Take a taxi back to your lodge and when you are ok you can pick it up. Alternatively, ask someone to drive you back to your lodge or decide to stay at a close hotel, avoid insisting on driving back. Your life is more precious than the car which can be replaced by the insurance, but NOT your life.

Driving Tired.

In most cases Uganda’s roads are too bumpy and lengthy for you the adventurers. Connecting from one place to another destination takes you averagely 6hours non-stop drive. With UN-noticed corners, it makes both the body and mind tired. So if you think you are too tired to drive avoid insisting to be behind the steering. If you travel with a partner who knows how to drive, advisable to alternate in these distances. This gives you a chance to relax. If you are a single traveler on a self drive, take another free day to relax. Plan your trips more appropriately so you have another day relaxing for another day drive. Should you insist on being at the next destination, then drive slowly at speed not exceeding 30kms/hr. remember you need the body and minds to drive.

Speeding. WHY THE RUSH??? Speeding is the second cause of accidents as per the Uganda police report. Yes you actually need to be there before “that” time but you may not actually get “there” alive, so why speed??. Plan you road trip and say start early and maintain a good speed that will get you to your destination. So when self driving, stick this to your brains, the more you go faster the higher chances of likely crashing. There is no rush in Africa.

Distracted Driving.Lets say this business involving is selfish. It only needs all your attention. Get your makeup done at your hotel or home or residence, avoid doing this in the car you are driving. Eat and finish up before you ignite the car to set off, put phone in silence, don’t text or call. Concentrate, concentrate on that road. Avoid mixing up other activities with driving, that’s another game on its own. Just like in football, you cant kick the ball and same time eat a burger..consider your life at such moments if there is any distraction.

Reckless Driving.Commonly referred to by the whites as “jackass driving” this habit is one killer act. This involves overtaking in sharp corners, meandering in traffic, breaking suddenly, head to head driving and all those un acceptable acts on the highways that will render you a “jackass” name. consider you have other road users even if they are out of see.

The seat belt habit.In many cases many drivers on self drive ignore the use of seat belts and forget their lives are precious. Yes these belts are easily ignorable but can save you a big deal on your self drive adventure. Make it apart of you and a habit to tighten your seat belt every time you enter and seat in a car.

With all the above and well considered tips from Auto Rental Uganda team for your self drive adventure, trust me your driving in Uganda is a safe place and your trip results are as awesome as you needed it.


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